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To turn visual art into a quality beauty service brand. To use my imagination and creativity to its fullest and use the beauty application for enhancement to the true beauty that the eye sees. My job is to make the flaws flawless, and help project what is natural and innate as well as the outer. Lea Ancheta team provides a high quality service and treatments to diversified clients and their individual aesthetic needs and offers on-location Hair and Makeup Services for any occasion bringing high quality beauty service brand right in your doorstep. Creating a competitive service brand that clients trust and choose when it comes to performance, delivery of service, logistics and price. Helping clients realize their overall look potentials through Beauty Consultations and making sure that their needs and beauty issues are very well taken care of. Prioritizing appropriate customer service and welfare first over specified job description.


To be a leading makeup artist supplier for different events mostly for weddings, events, commercials and ads as well as being the trendsetters in the beauty services industry in terms of creativity, professionalism and quality. To create a beauty service brand that stretches beyond makeup and beauty consultations with an ultimate goal of bridging the harmony of the clients inner confidence with their outer beauty.

Hi there!

I’m Lea.

I’m a Visual Artist, Content Creator and an Entrepreneur from Manila.

My interest with Makeup started when I was interning and learning Photography from Dielo Topacio. He asked me if I wanted to do a creative makeup for our then model -- Aice -- which is by the way, his wife now. This story always stand out in my subconscious when i look back about how I started with my career as a Makeup Artist. I will always remember that I’ve made a way that connected this couple, and my take away from that is a burning desire to understand how “creativity” and “makeup” can integrate into my life. It’s kind of a far fetched connection with marriage and art but they meet halfway with “desire” and “commitment”.

So, i then quit my job at a car company gearing towards future carrying all the uncertainties, i didn’t do any preparation (which my present self would tell my younger self that “hey, you survived but that’s wrong”), I just wanna do makeup.

I’m the only girl in my siblings of two barako brothers. My dad died when I was 4 and so, i’ve learned how to be independent at such a young age. My interest with crafts and production of crafted items started when I was in elementary which then my Mom would try and sell the items because I’ve made them. I guess i got my crafty hard working attitude from her. Being a daughter of a busy hardworking widow and an only girl in my family gave me no much of an idea what beauty standards should be. Makeup and Beauty is a foreign subject to me until the era of photoshoots and freelance models began.

In 2012, I joined a reality show Mega Fashion Crew Season 2 - Extreme Edition and was lucky to have been 1 of the 12 Finalists for the Makeup Artist Category and it really opened me up to the Philippine Fashion industry and it’s so many wonders and genres. Thus, this lead me work with so many creative and makeup artists that I’ve learned with.

Since then, my work expanded to different network of projects and have worked with different artists and talents on and off TV, Films, Magazine covers and contributions, Corporate, Ads and Press Releases, Fashion and Beauty Editorials, have worked with different brands like Makeup Store Philippines, MAC Philippines, Makeup Forever, Clinique, Estee Lauder and would love to join the rosters of Laura Mercier and Nars affiliations , various events like Weddings and Debuts, and have managed to build a team of artists under the service brand name Team Lea Ancheta that will soon be changed into Venus Playground Studio.

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